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Thank you for your interest in Montessori´s World!  We know what an important decision it is to choose the best possible educational setting for your child.  

Our school offers the unique opportunity to provide your child with an unequaled early education using the Montessori Method. 

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Applications for enrollment will be accepted at all times. Currently enrolled children are given priority upon receipt of Renewal Contracts and annual registration fees. 

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  1. Contact us: Schedule an individual appointment so you can visit our environmentin order to know everything about us.

  2. Complete an Application: We will review your application. This is a time for us to get to know you and your child better, gather additional information, and verify that our environment will meet your child's needs.

  3. Informational interview and child evaluation.

  4. Reserve your Space: When available, spaces are reserved with a non-refundable enrollment fee.


Nido (4–18 MON.)                                               ENTRANCE    8:30-8:45             FINISH     1:00

Assistants to Infancy (18 MON.–3 YRS OLD)    ENTRANCE    8:15 to 8:30          FINISH     1:15

Children’s House (3–6 YRS OLD)                      ENTRANCE   8:15 to 8:30          FINISH      1:30

Lower Elementary (6.9 YRS OLD)                     ENTRANCE    7:15 to 7:30          FINISH     2:30 

Upper Elementary (9-14 YRS OLD)                   ENTRANCE    7:15 to 7:30          FINISH     2:30 Workshops                                                                           Available every day until 5pm

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