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We are a school committed to the comprehensive development of our community based on the philosophy of Dr. María Montessori. Aware of  create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, with the necessary tools to promote work towards meaningful learning.
  • Bicultural education

  • Inclusion

  • Green areas

  • Library

  • Vegetable patch

  • Pets in primary environments

  • KERRI Program.- (Anti-bullying) Kidness, Equity, Respect, Responsibility, Inclusion

  • Extended hours with afternoon workshops

  • Personnel specialized in the methodology

  • Personalized attention

  • School for parents. 

  • Active participation of all community members

  • Incorporated into the SEP

  • Safe school guidelines

  • Structural safety

  • Affiliated with the Montessori Association of Mexico



3 to 18 months approx.

Assistants to Infancy

18 months to 3 years approx.

children's house

3 to 6 years


1st to 6th grade

What is Montessori?

The Montessori method of children education is a scientifically validated and proven approach that focuses on the educational needs and of individualized development of the child.

Children learn at their own pace, exploring advanced academic concepts and skills through hands-on materials and freedom of choice.

Students with a Montessori education carry with them a strong sense of self and an innate love of learning.


They emerge with a maturity and independence that drives them to confidently solve problems, be mindful of their community, and pursue their passions through their chosen college and professional careers.

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