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Enrolment process

The admission process guarantees that the community is made up of participatory, respectful and congruent families with the Montessori philosophy and gives us the opportunity to expand our community with parents aware of what it means to choose an education based on said philosophy. 


If you need to start the admission process or need more information, contact us via WhatsApp or complete the form below.

Admission process:

  1. Contact of interested parties - admissions department.

  2. Sending complete information via email. 

  3. Schedule an appointment for the first (virtual) interview, at this stage the visit to the facilities is scheduled.

  4. Evaluation (2 days) for the child at school.

  5. Delivery of results to parents (virtual), at this point it is indicated if there is space in the expected grade.

  6. Administrative registration process. 


I want more information

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